Instituto de Matemáticas UNAM Unidad Oaxaca
León 2, altos, Oaxaca de Juárez
Centro Histórico
68000 Oaxaca, Mexico.

Office: 4
Email: lara (at)


Welcome to my homepage!

I did my PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of Peter Littelmann at the University of Cologne in July 2018. In my thesis I studied toric degenerations from various points of view. My research includes representation theory, tropical geometry and cluster algebras. I'm interested in Khovanskii bases and Newton-Okounkov bodies and want to develop a global framework that specialises to many known constructions of these (related to work of Kiumars Kaveh and Christopher Manon).

I enjoy collaborating with different people and projects of diverse flavors. For example, in joint work with Charles Wang and Fatemeh Mohammadi we compute toric degenerations for Grassmannians from plabic graphs (following a construction given by Konnie Rietsch and Lauren Williams).

After a short Post Doc in Bernd Sturmfels's Non-Linear Algebra group at the MPI MiS in Leipzig (August to October 2018) I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in November 2018. Here I will do a longer Post Doc to work with Alfredo Najera Chavez on a joint project with Bosco Frias, Mandy Cheung and Tim Magee regarding mirror symmetry for cluster varieties.