Presentation Manager

Working with background windows

It is possible to move or resize a background window, without bringing it to the foreground--by holding the Ctrl key during the mouse operations.

Full PM Window Drag

The setting
activates the full drag feature of all Presentation Manager windows. Works with Warp3 with FixPack#17> and Warp4.

Single Input Queue Fix

To activate the Warp Single Input Queue Fix, it is necessary to add the line
in the CONFIG.SYS file. Here x is the number of milliseconds the operating system will wait for a window-in-focus to process its input queue item, before changing the focus to another window. Works with Warp3 with FixPack#17> and Warp4.

PM Keyboard Shortcuts

Standard window manipulations

Alt-F4:Closing the window.
Alt-F5:Restoring to the normal size.
Alt-F6:Moving the cursor between mutually associated windows.
Alt-F7:Moving the window with the help of the arrow keys.
Alt-F8:Sizing the window with the help of the arrow keys.
Alt-F9:Minimizing/hiding the window (depending on the object settings).
Alt-F10:Maximizing the window.
Alt-F11:Hiding the window.

Remark: Not all combinations work for every PM window.

Changing the Focus

Ctrl-Esc: Brings the Window List, which shows all opened objects and programs.

Alt-Esc: Jumps to the next opened object (window or full screen program).
Alt-Tab: Jumps to the next window in the Window List, but skips all full screen programs.

Alt-Shift-Tab: This has a very interesting behavior. If the WPS is not active (or if it is active but the desktop folder is not opened), it works as Alt-Tab, but in the reverse direction. If the desktop is opened then it works as if in addition the main instance of the desktop folder appeared as every second window, in the Window List (starting from its first instance). In particular, this key switches the focus to the main desktop from any other window.

Within the Window List

Dclk1: Restoring the window to the normal size, and bringing it to the foreground.
Ctrl-dclk1: Maximizing the window, and bringing it to the foreground.
Shift-dclk1: Minimizing/hiding the window (depending on the object settings).
Alt-dclk1: Enables to edit the object title. The changes are temporary, in the sense that they are lost after closing the object. Requires WPS.