Workplace Shell Related

Some abbreviations:
dclk=double click
clk1/clk2=click the mouse button 1/2 (left/right by default)

Some General Features

Editing icon titles

Alt-clk1: Brings an edit window around the object icon title. In this mode, Enter=new line. Changes are saved by pressing the numerical keyboard Enter, or by clicking on the desktop background.


The Window List can be activated by clicking simultaneously with buttons 1 and 2 on the desktop background.

WPS-specific Keyboard Shortcuts

Object Manipulations

Shift-F8: Activates the WPS multiple selection mode. In this mode, objects of a folder are selected or deselected by pressing the spacebar, and moving between the object icons does not change the selection status. The multiple selection mode is active only during the continued work within the same folder. Switching away from the initial folder automatically resets the WPS to the standard single-selection mode.

Shift-F9: Opens the object title-edit window.
Shift-F10: The pop-up menu of the selected object. If multiple objects are selected, the key brings us the coresponding common menu.
Alt-Enter: Opens the settings notebook of the selected object.
Ctrl-/: Selects all objects within a folder,
Ctrl-\: Deselects all objects.

Within the settings notebook

Alt-PageDown, Alt-PageUp: Jumps between different pages of the settings notebook.
Alt-Up, Alt-Down: Move the focus between the page and the section tabs of the notebook.
Tab, Shift-Tab: Moving the focus between different sections of the notebook page (the section tab of the page is one section of this page).

The Credits Hook

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O: If the focus is on the Desktop, this activates the credits hook program AAAAA.EXE. It is located in X:\OS2\BITMAP directory, and uses the picture metafile AAAAA.MET (located in the same directory) as the background image. The picture itself can be viewed by PICVIEW.

Passing Parameters to Programs

This applies to WPS program objects. Placing "[<space>]" in the Parameters field of the Program page, in the object settings notebook, will cause the program to prompt for the appropriate parameters, at start-up (when launched from WPS). Furthermore, it is possible to include an optional text within the brackets. The text is displayed when the parameters prompt appears.

Further special parameter field substitution variables are:

 No parameters at all will be passed to the program!
 Expands to the full path including the drive (without the final backslash);
 The corresponding drive name;
 The filename without extension;
 The complete filename;
 The extension (without dot);
 This symbol in the parameter list points to the filename of the program target object. By default, this filename is inserted at the end of the parameter list. The presence of "%*" modifies this accordingly.

Warp4-Specific Features

Warp Center Advanced Process Control

There is a Warp Center variable KILLFEATUREENABLED. The declaration
(usually in the CONFIG.SYS file) enables a special process control feature of Warp Center. Clicking by the mouse button 1 on the Window List icon and holding the Ctrl key brings a list of running processes on the system. From this list it is possible (in principle!) to kill any process.

A nice Warp Center Clock

It is possible to change the appearance of the Warp Center clock, by adding the line
in the CONFIG.SYS file.

Warp Center Menus

The global setting
modifes the Warp Center menus, so that it behaves like the Win95 Start menu (the menus follows the pointer). Works with FixPack#5>.

Advanced Marking Feature

To copy the text to the clipboard from a text window, select the text with the help of the mouse button 1, and then click the button 2 without releasing the button 1. This will copy the selected text to the clipboard. To paste the text from the clipboard click the button 2 at the cursor position and then the button 1 (without releasing the button 2).

The above works assuming the application window does not re-define the mouse button combinations.

How to get rid of the Warp4 Registration Program

There is an elegant procedure to remove the Registration Program that comes with Warp4 (a dancing elephant). There is "Install Object-Inventory" object located in the Installed Features subfolder of the X:\OS2\INSTALL directory (X is the boot drive). Double clicking on this object brings a list of installed features that can be removed from the system.