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OS/2 Tips & Tricks

Command Window Interface
Command window customizations, more sophisticated command line constructions and object manipulations.

Presentation Manager
Explains various program manipulations, keyboard/mouse shortcuts, Window List tricks. Presentation Manager provides the basic OS/2 Warp 2-dimensional Graphical User Interface.

WorkPlace Shell
Includes Workplace Shell specific object manipulations, important config.sys settings, keyboard/mouse shortcuts, and so on.

Desktop Manipulations
Interesting desktop folder properties, multiple desktop configurations, non-standard Warp configurations.

Performance Tuning
Discusses important performance-related config.sys settings and parameters.

Remotebooting/2 Stuff

 Diskless Windows
The simplest setup of Win95 diskless workstations remote-booting from OS/2!

RIPLing Windows::Part 2
More complex constructions, including Win98 Workstations!

RIPLing Windows::Part 3
Further technical discussions!

RIPLing Windows::Part 4
Various new RAM-drive based RIPL configurations!

RIPLing Windows::Part 5
Virtual superfloppy configurations!

RIPLing Windows::Part 6
Diskless Windows Millennium Edition!

Q-Station Project


  • Pure Assembly Language Development in OS/2;
  • LISP Integration;
  • High Level Scientific Computing;
  • Quantum Simplicity & Harmony in Programming.

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