Bernardo Villarreal

I’m an algebraic topologist and currently a postdoc at CIMAT in Mérida.

I've had postdoctoral positions at UNAM's Mathematics Institute in Mexico City, at the University of Copenhagen working in the Geometry and Topology group, and in Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. I received my PhD from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 2017 under the supervision of Alejandro Adem.

This is my CV and this is my research so far.

I’m particularly interested in spaces of representations and coset posets of families of subgroups and its generalizations to Lie groups.

I co-organize the Algebraic Topology Seminar along with Omar Antolín Camarena and Rita Jiménez Rolland. I also co-organize the online workshop Spaces of Homomorphisms and Classifying Spaces (Sept 7-9 2021).

You can contact me at bernardo dot villarreal at cimat dot mx.

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