César Lozano Huerta

    My area of research is algebraic geometry. That is, zeros of polynomials.
    I use modern tools and language to study questions that can be traced back
    to the 19th or early 20th century.
    People tend to call this sub discipline of mathematics
    classical algebraic geometry

    Seminario nacional de geometría algebraica en LÍNEA: (WWW)

    Publications -- research

  • Minimal free resolutions of sheaves on the plane and the base locus of their moduli space. (arXiv)
    joint with M. Leal and T. Ryan.
    Comments welcome.

  • On the position of nodes of plane curves. (arXiv)
    joint with T. Ryan.
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 1-7. 2020.

  • The Lefschetz principle in birational geometry: birational twin varieties (arXiv)
    joint with A. Massarenti.
    Birational Geometry and Moduli spaces, Springer INdAM Series, Vol. 39 (2020), 109--132.

  • On the birational geometry of Hilbert schemes of points and Severi divisors (arXiv)
    joint with T. Ryan.
    Communications in Algebra, 2020.
    doi: 10.1080/00927872.2020.1767119

  • Families of elliptic curves and Bridgeland stability: (arXiv)
    joint with B. Schmidt, P. Gallardo.
    Michigan Mathematical Journal, Vol. 67, Issue 4 (2018), 787-813

  • Extremal higher codimension cycles of the space of complete conics: (arXiv)
    Contemporary Mathematics, Vol. 709; 2018, 87-99

  • Birational geometry of complete quadrics: (arXiv)
    International Mathematics Research Notices (2015), Vol. 2015, 12563-12589.

  • Birational geometry of the space of complete quadrics,
    PhD Thesis, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014.

    Publications -- literacy

  • On the weak Lefschetz principle in birational geometry. (arXiv), (AMS)
    Joint with A. Massarenti.
    Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 2021.

  • Tres medallas de la geometría birracional: (WWW)
    Motivos Matemáticos, Instituto de matemáticas, UNAM, 2018.

  • Curvas algebraicas y la pregunta de Halphen: (arXiv)
    Miscelánea Matemática de la SMM, 62, 2016. 1-15.

  • Clases Características (J. W. Milnor y J. D. Stasheff )
    Priceton University Press and University of Tokio Press, 1974.
    Traducción al español de César Lozano Huerta y Mauricio Bustamante.
    Colección Papirhos, Serie Textos. UNAM, 2017.

    My previous universities: