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Where is the Instituto de Matemáticas located

Address of the Instituto de Matemáticas, map and directions



Instituto de Matemáticas,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Área de la Investigación Científica,
Circuito Exterior
Ciudad Universitaria.
Coyoacán 04510
México, D. F. MEXICO
Tel. (+52) (55) 56224520-22
Fax. (+52) (55) 56160348

Location map

A map of the Ciudad Universitaria campus

Localizacion IMATE


How to reach the Instituto de Matemáticas

By subsway

To reach the university (UNAM) take Line 3 of the subway and go south all the way to the last station "Universidad". You can find a subway map here. The campus is west of the "Universidad" station, and it is marked by two abstract sculptures (two high red poles, representing a man and a woman). When you get off the subway, walk to these sculptures, cross the wide street in front of them, and take a small foot-bike path, which starts at the right
hand side of the "Instituto de Fisica" parking lot. Follow the path untill you reach a building, on the right hand side of the path, which has a library (you see the books through the library windows). That's the Instituto de Matematicas (marked in red in the map attached). To reach the Institute's entrance you need to go around the building counterclockwise.

It should take you about 45 minutes to reach the institute coming from downtown Mexico City.

Nearby taxi stands

Copilco, Ave. Universidad, 5554-4277
Pacífico, 5659-8364 y 5339-5420