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A model of bidirectional eulerian reals

Ponente: Matías Menni
Institución: CONICET y Universidad de la Plata
Cuándo 22/04/2014
de 17:00 a 18:30
Dónde Sala 2 del Nuevo Edificio IMATE
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We build a pre-cohesive topos p:E--->Set together with an object T of E with the property that it has a unique point and such that: the induced object R of Euler reals [1] is connected and its subgroup U--->R of invertible elements satisfies that p_!U is the cyclic group of order 2. 


[1] F.W. Lawvere. Euler's continuum functorially vindicated. In ``Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy: Vintage Enthusiasms'', volume 75 of the ``Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science'', pages 249-254. Springer Science+Bussiness Media B.V., 2011.

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