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Ciudad Universitaria recibe a Enrique Fernández-Cara

Proveniente de la Universidad de Sevilla, España. Visita Ciudad Universitaria de 14 al 23 de mayo de 2019.

Enrique Fernández-Cara is Professor of Mathematical Analysis at Universidad de Sevilla. He obtained the Degree in Mathematics from the University of Sevilla (Spain) and the Doctorate in Mathematics from University of Sevilla and also the University Paris 6 (France). He has been scholar, assistant professor, and full professor at the University of Sevilla. He has worked in Sevilla, Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and, more recently, as visiting professor, in several Brazilian universities: UNICAMP, UFF in Nitéroi and UFBB in Joao Pessoa. He has been the advisor of 20 Ph.D. Theses and has participated in more than 20 Research Projects in Spain, France, and Brazil. His main areas of interest are the theoretical and numerical analysis of PDEs, with special emphasis in nonlinear PDEs from Physics, Biology, etc. and control and optimization problems. He has published more than 140 papers in international journals and has attended more than 50 international conferences, most them related to control and PDEs.

Es invitado de la Dra. María de la Luz Jimena de Teresa de Oteyza para realizar investigación sobre control jerárquico e impartir el minicurso "Theoretical and numerical aspects of the controllability of parabolic PDEs and systems" en la Spring School: An introduction to modelling and control of systems governed by PDE's. Asimismo, impartirá la conferencia "New optimal control and null controllability results for Navier-Stokes-like systems" en el 3rd IFAC/IEEE CSS Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations CPDE and XI Workshop Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, CDPS 2019, ambos eventos organizados por la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana en la ciudad de Oaxaca.

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